Our Story

One of the reasons we were drawn to each other is our mutual love for animals.  From Saturdays spent walking shelter dogs to rescuing stray neighborhood cats, we make every effort to help animals in need.  This is why we’ve created Seva Stray. 

Reet was born and raised in India, and we visit his motherland regularly to see family, attend weddings, and travel around this magical country.  From our first visit together, we knew we had to take action to help the stray animals.  In a country where impoverishment is high, the welfare of needy animals is a low priority.  Overpopulation, poverty, pollution, superstition, apathy and ignorance all contribute to their plight.

Throughout our travels, we have identified remarkable organizations and compassionate volunteers who are making a difference for stray animals.  These superheroes work tirelessly to reduce animal suffering and provide a voice for these innocent souls that share their streets.

The idea for Seva Stray came about as we volunteered with one of these organizations, which works with local shopkeepers that help care for the strays in their area.  These shops sell beautiful Indian goods, and we happily purchased souvenirs from them for friends and family back home.  We had recently raised money from friends and family to purchase reflective dog collars for these organizations and were brainstorming additional ways we could help them help more dogs.  As we were admiring the beautiful Indian-made jewelry, purses and scarves we thought, “what better way to help Indian pups than to sell Indian goods to benefit them”?

We hope you love our products and our mission, and know that you are helping a stray animal every time you make a purchase.  Thank you, dhanyavaad, woof woof, bark bark!

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Julie & Reet Singh

seva stray founder